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Previsna tailor solutions to customers who require real-time analysis, historical data analysis, storage and backup of very large amounts of data. We use tools, technologies and programming languages such as Hadoop HDFS, Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark, Apache Storm and Scala.

Apache Spark

Apache SparkWhat can be said about Apache Spark that has not been said already? The general compute engine for typically Hadoop data, is increasingly being looked at as the future of Hadoop given its popularity, the increased speed, and support for a wide range of applications that it offers. However, while it may be typically associated with Hadoop implementations, it can be used with a number of different data stores and does not have to rely on Hadoop.

It can for example use Apache Cassandra and Amazon S3. Spark is even capable of having no dependence on Hadoop at all, running as an independent analytics tool. Sparks flexibility is what has helped make it one of the hottest topics in the world of big data and with companies like IBM aligning its analytics around it, the future is looking bright.